by Shawn and Kira

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released May 16, 2017

Instrumental/Vocal Performance and Producer: Shawn O'Donnell
Vocals: Kira Clements

Mastered by: michael7878 from www.fiverr.com



all rights reserved


Shawn and Kira Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Shawn and Kira is a pop duo consisting of multi-instrumentalist/ vocalist Shawn O'Donnell along with vocalist Kira Clements.

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Track Name: Unexpected
How, the hell did I end up at your door?
I was late that day, but just in time, for you.
Struck by cupid's bow, didn’t have a clue.
Took out the arrow, but I still feel sore.
I’m strung up by your spider-webs, and fastened to the floor.
But I’d rather stay all tangled up, then go back to before.
It’s funny how we can’t prepare for,
things that make us lose control.
I’m caught under a tidal wave,
I’m waiting to wash up, on shore.
I, wasn’t expecting this at all.
You learn to walk, but never how to fall.
There’s, not much left that I can do.
Guess I’ll let myself just, fall in love with you.
Thanks, you showed up late but that’s okay.
I forgot about it all the moment I saw your, face.
We only stayed, strangers, for a minute or so.
But I couldn’t resist so I, grabbed your hand and,
led you to my heart.
Track Name: You're My Shelter
You’re my shelter, keep me warm.
Gate the entrance, as the rain pours.
The banging, at the window, will go away, soon.
Don’t you worry, I’m right beside you.
Verse (Kira): I may not have an answer, to everything you ask.
There’s not always a reason, for every way we act.
We’ll build these walls together, if you let me tear them down.
When I feel that we don’t need them, and I learn to stick around.
I made it through a rainstorm, when it flooded every floor.
Stayed put through every blizzard, barricades on every door.
Sometimes I hear the echo, of thunder when I sleep.
But you turn the awful weather, to tender memory.
My foundation, feels secure.
You’re my shelter, as the rain pours.
Track Name: Oh, The Places You'll Go!
There's so many places you'll go,
If you get up and travel the world.
You're told there's so much left to see,
But don't leave and you may never know.
My mother says I'm not prepared,
But deep down shes the one that's scared.
You're told there's so much left to see,
But it feels like you've shown it all to me.
You've shown it all, you've shown it all to me.
So, I think that I'm starting to learn,
sometimes it doesn't matter if you stay or if you go.
Cause you can only find yourself inside it doesn't matter the place or time,
the people you'll face will leave a trace of evidence upon your mind.
There's beauty through the gates of hell,
and sin that rings through heaven's bells.
But there's melody through all the noise,
and it resonates when you whisper in my ear,
that you're here.